How do I apply?

Visit your local office, or apply online here.

What does the application process involve?

Employees first fill out an application (either in office or online) to provide work history and preference. After the application is complete, an interview will be conducted at your local office. Every employee must bring two forms of identification and pass a drug screen in order to be placed on assignment. Safety and site-specific orientations are also required.

What is the cost for your services?

Our employees are our future. As such, Wise Staffing Group does not charge applicants fees for job placement.

How does Wise Staffing Group decide what position an employee is qualified for?

Wise Staffing Group uses leading industry practices to identify specific skills and knowledge as well as selecting applicants with a professional and positive attitude. We identify an applicant’s skill sets, job interests, location, strengths and personality/behavior profiles to coordinate which assignments will provide the best match between employee and client. Our experienced staffing specialists and recruiters always work their hardest to make the perfect fit.

How can I find out about job openings?

Available positions are updated daily on our website, but you may also contact your local Wise Staffing Group office. Wise Staffing Group branch offices also utilizes Facebook accounts to promote job openings, so be sure to like your local page to stay current on job postings.

How soon can I expect to go to work?

We have new jobs every day. The best way of knowing some of the jobs we have available is to check out our JOB BOARD on our website. Our seasoned staffing specialists work diligently to find the right fit for each applicant as quickly as possible.

What if I turn down a job offer?

We understand not every job will be a good match in your eyes. As such, you are free to decline any job offer from Wise Staffing Group. Communicate your concerns to your local Wise Staffing Group manager as soon as you become aware and we will continue to search for a placement that is better suited.

How and when do employees get paid?

Pay day is every Friday. Wise Staffing Group promotes the use of direct deposit as the method for distributing our employees pay. This is done to your personal checking or saving account. If you do not have an active account, Wise Staffing Group offers cash cards to employees so their money can be direct deposited every week to their cards.

Do you offer insurance to your employees?

Yes. We offer full benefit packages to our employees which meet the ACA requirements for both employees and employer. The available plans include both a Minimum Essential Coverage plan (MEC) and a Minimum Value Plan (MVP). Ancillary benefits are also available, including Dental, Vision, Personal Accident Insurance, Term Life, and Telehealth.

How do I access my check stub?

You can go to our website under EMPLOYEES and select LOG IN. This will direct you to the page that allows you to access your check stub. You will need to contact your local Wise Staffing Group office to obtain your password prior to initial login.